Key Findings

Capgemini conducted an in-depth study of all trends that impact our industry, examining global economies and societies, consumer expectations, natural and human resources, governmental regulations, corporate governance, data and technology. Some trends are not new. Although they continue to be relevant, they will not significantly change the way we operate.

However, some are new and emerging and will act as catalysts to transform our industry. These are:

  • Socially networked consumers demand access to more information, more rapidly in order to trust the products they buy and the companies that serve them
  • Global economic and demographic shifts including increasing urbanisation, smaller households, ageing and millennial population shifts and the rising middle class in developing nations. These changes mean new products, services and distribution and accountability models will be focused on consumers and communities. They will also involve major infrastructure investments, for example, in mega-cities
  • Social media, mobile and wearable technology, the internet of things, advanced data analytics, 3D-printing and robotics will combine with new business models changing the shape of our industry. New shopping landscapes will result in both developed and¬†developing markets
  • Increasing concern for the health and well-being of consumers in their communities, including demand for ethical and local sourcing, traceability of materials and ingredients and environmental sustainability
  • Scarcity of natural resources and need for more efficient, ethically sourced production while reducing waste
  • Increase in regulatory compliance requirements and oversight of industry practices and transparency

If you are interested in further details on this trend-research, please reach out to Capgemini (please see Contact Us section).