Delivering the Goods


Consumers’ online shopping experience is only as good as the speed of the delivery and returns process which, thankfully, is now the focus for innovation. But there’s no time to waste for retailers and their distribution partners:  any… Read More

Privacy Please: Why Retailers Need to Rethink Personalisation

Today, retailers face a significant conundrum. With the rapid proliferation of mobile, social media and in-store sensors, they are now sitting on a treasure trove of data. Walmart, for example, has about 30 petabytes of shopping information –… Read More

Supply chain gets a kick in the boot.

Forget about drones – the next step in the future of custom delivery is in the boot of your automobile. Audi owners whose vehicles are equipped with a proprietary connect system will be able to order items through… Read More

How UPS uses analytics to make its delivery drivers’ lives easier

Global parcel delivery service UPS owes much of its success to standardization and operational efficiency. By standardizing its processes (to the point of telling drivers how to step off delivery trucks), UPS continually improves efficiency, safety and quality. The… Read More

Technology pumping the heart of delivery

Watch how Catherine Doran, CIO at Royal Mail, made the IT function fit for purpose at Royal Mail to help employees do their jobs better. Read more at Beyond the Buzz.

Fixing the Cracks: Reinventing Loyalty Programs for the Digital Age

Launching a loyalty program is expensive and it’s complex. In the US alone, companies spend a staggering $2 billion on loyalty programs every year. But does this translate into increased customer engagement? Research suggests the answer is “probably… Read More

Loyalty is dead

Customer engagement—the customer’s willingness to continue interacting with your brand—is driven in large part by providing an insight-driven, high-quality customer experience. The more engaged the customers are, the better you can tailor the experience to fit, unlocking lifetime… Read More

The Litmus (Trust) Test for CPGs

Before embarking on any consumer-related initiative, consumer goods companies must ask themselves: “Will this build or damage trust?” Here are seven easy principles to build trust with your consumers: 1. Simple Communications 2. Value Exchange 3. Transparency 4…. Read More